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Teen Corner

Cell Phone Use and Driving
One-third of teens report texting and emailing while driving, which is a deadly distraction for all drivers. Crash risk is four times higher when a driver uses a cell phone, whether or not it is hands-free.

  • Texting While Driving Awareness Video:

Impaired Driving
Although teen drivers are less likely than adults to drink and drive (and get a DUI), their crash risk is substantially higher when they do. The percentage of teens involved in fatal crashes who had a blood alcohol level of .01 g/dl or higher was 41% in 2011.*

  • Every 15 Minutes a Teenager Dies from Drunk Driving:

Teen Driving Statistics
The following organization provides statistics and research charts on teen driver safety topics.

* Statistics provided by TeenDriverSource.org
Driving Tips

  • If you obtain your driver license before the age of 18, you cannot drive between midnight and 5a.m. until you have held your license for one full year. Exceptions to this law include work, school, and if you’re accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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