What’s New in 2017? A Peek at the Newest Colorado Written Driving Test Resources

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If 2017 is the year you are finally old enough to begin thinking about taking the Colorado Written Driving test, take a note from the Boy Scouts and be prepared! The potential to find a world of driving information is literally at your fingertips.

Searching for Colorado written driving test resources on your own?! Aint nobody got time fo’ that!

Now, more than ever, time is of the essence. Don’t waste it! The following resources pulled from all over the world-wide web are all available completely free, and are geared towards helping teens succeed at passing the Colorado written driving test, whether it’s the first time taking it, or the millionth. From advice direct from the Colorado government to personal stories of permit testing triumph, Mile High Driver Training has congregated everything you need to feel confident about taking the Colorado written driving test in 2017.

Colorado Written Driving Test Resources Online

Driver’s Handbook

colorado-driver-handbookWhen in doubt, go straight to the horses’ mouth (aka source). The Colorado Driver Handbook is published by Governor Hickenlooper and onto the City and County of Denver’s website. This 40+ page complete guide to passing the Colorado written driving test is specific to the Colorado written driving test, only.

Using official Colorado Road Safety (CRS) law codes, the Colorado Driver Handbook breaks each law code down into layman’s terms for easy consumption and understanding. It is also the official Handbook used by Mile High Driver Training and other third-party testing centers to ensure the most updated rules of the road are implemented and abided by, every year.

Info Blogs

If searching for a more personal touch to taming your timidness when it comes to your permit license test, look no further than Driving-Tests.org. Everyday people, from teens to adults, relay their messages of strength and guidance through a variety of popular personal blog posts.

Helpful how-to’s explain away common problems including parallel parking and overcoming test anxiety. Top tips from those who have been through the very same issues as you may be experiencing can get you over the fear of failing. Like all resources in this list, these blogs are a fun and informative way to prepare yourself, and are no guarantee of Colorado written driving test results. The more you read through the blogs, however, the more questions you will have answered, and that’s at least half the battle!

Practice Test Makes Perfect

Got your confidence soaring but still want to be sure you’re fully ready? Then it’s time to take the Colorado Written Driving Test FREE practice test, online. Not just for tempted teens, Freedmvpracticetests.com provides state-specific written practice exams for Colorado and 20+ other states. Teen permit, adult driver’s license, and even motorcycle driver’s license practice tests are all available in one place.

An App for That: Colorado DOT Practice Exam Prep

For teens, even the act of signing on to a web page via computer may be considered ‘old school’ in 2017. Luckily, CDOT ‘has an app for that’. Debuted in November 2016, the Colorado DOT practice exam prep 2017 app provides the most up-to-date info to teens and adults on how to pass the Colorado written driving test in 2017, all on your Android or Apple portable devices.

Have a question but stuck in traffic? Have your passenger look up the answer in an instant with in-app search tools.

New Driver’s License Design

Once you pass your Colorado written driving test, you can expect one more new surprise in 2017. Beginning late 2016, Colorado driver’s licenses will begin to look a little…okay A LOT… different than they once did.

The new look Colorado licenses feature clear holograms of each individual’s license picture and a new overall color scheme but retain the mountainous image background Coloradans have grown accustomed to.