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At Mile High Driver Training, we offer driving lessons for the Denver area. Driving lessons are a path that a prospective driver can undergo in order to be a legal and knowledgeable automobile operator. Our driving school services can help many people from different backgrounds and history. Take a look at the types of lessons and tests we offer for our students.

Adult education drivers ed is an option available for those wanting to operate a vehicle for the first time. For adults wanting driving school lessons, see the following links about the types of lessons, certification, and documents must be filed before becoming a full-fledged driver.

colorado-driving-school-servicesTeenagers are a prime example of being candidates for driving school lessons. Before teens can take the wheel, there is much information and documentation that must be considered. For more information about what teenagers must learn about before driving, visit our Teen Corner page.

Teenagers must have a parent or guardian sign an Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship. Teenagers under the age of 16 have the additional requirement of completing a state approved driver education program.

In order for an individual to obtain a permit at age 15, they must show proof of completing a 30 hour driver education course within 6 months of the permit application. This proof is called “Affidavit of Completion” and is issued by the driving school. Teens may apply for this 30 hour program as early as age 14 ½. Drivers ed courses can be completed in a classroom setting or in a self-study format (internet).

Individuals between ages 15 ½ and 16 seeking to obtain a permit are required to take a 4 hour awareness class. Class involves participation and discussion among students and instructor.