Distracted Walking

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Distracted walking accidents are a growing concern for both new and experienced drivers. Not only do you need to pay attention to other vehicles on the road, you also need to be on the lookout for distracted walkers.  Pedestrians are too busy looking at their cell phones rather than being cautious about oncoming traffic. There were more than 6000 pedestrian traffic fatalities both in 2017 and in 2016 as indicated by the Governors High Safety Association.

Tips for Drivers:

Pay attention to  drivers who are utilizing mobile phones when driving and give them additional space.

Watch out for distracted walkers who are on the phone or plugged in and not paying attention.

Be cautious of jay walkers and know that pedestrians dash out into the road whenever.

Give an extra few seconds when the light changes to allow walkers to make the opposite side.

Drive slowly in congested areas like strip malls or schools and watch out for groups not focusing on traffic.

Tips for Walkers:

Try to avoid using a cell phone when walking. On the off chance that you need to accept a call, stop and move to a safe place out of traffic and away from others walking.

Look left, right, and left again before moving into and after crossing the road.

Regardless of whether you are in a cross walk, pay attention to the drivers—they may not see you.

Take responsibility for your own safety and pay attention.

Don’t walk near traffic wearing headphones so you can hear the horns or sirens approaching

Cross at stamped road crossing paths—regardless of whether it means walking to the light to cross and comply with the Walk and Don’t Walk signals.

In case you’re going for a walk around evening time, wear the appropriate reflective gear to make you more visual to drivers.

Lastly, stay on the curb when waiting to cross the street.  A driver can make a sharp turn and hit you on the off chance that you are too close to the street.