30 Hour Online Driver’s Ed Program

30 Hr. Online Driver’s Ed program:

*Please note a preregistration is required for all students enrolling in this course who do not have a state-issued Colorado ID.  If you do not have your code, please visit the Colorado DMV online services to obtain one.  For detailed instructions on how to obtain your preregistration code, click here: Preregistration Instructions.

Age:  14.5 –  15. 5 yrs                  BEST VALUE $110


This self-paced, award-winning program was voted #1 throughout the United States & Canada for its content rich instruction. 


This course covers:

  • Appreciation of maintaining an auto, including tire pressure and checking oil levels
  • Cars with or without ABS
  • How to negotiate everything from a simple 4 -way stop to the most complicated intersections
  • Basic knowledge of sign and line recognition
  • Multiple lane usage on highway and interstate driving conditions on most any road in the country
  • Parking lot and parallel parking
  • The most valuable defensive and evasive skills available for dealing with today’s hazards in the real world.

All of this will be done at the pace of each individual driver, with the flexibility of scheduling around their academic and athletic schedules.

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The DMV requires that any applicant who does not possess a state-issued Colorado ID exam must present a pre-registration code for Written or Driving test. You will apply for this code at: mydmv.colorado.gov

.  Please visit DMV Resources for more information