Justice with Jessica: The rules of the road teen drivers have to follow

teen driver
DENVER — With students returning to the classroom across Colorado, that means drivers will experience a lot more traffic than they have in the summer months, as well as some young drivers commuting to school for the first time. Denver Public Schools begins on Aug. 22, and several districts have already started back up. For many students, it will also be their first time regularly hitting the ro...
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Tips for Teaching Your Teen Driver

If your teen has a permit and is working toward getting a driver’s license, you’ll likely need to spend some time teaching her how to drive. Many states require teens with learner’s permits to log a certain number of supervised driving hours outside of driver’s education, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, and that often means parents play the role of driving instructor. Bef...
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Covid 19 Update

Good News! It appears that the DMV, and Mile High Driver training will be allowed to begin conducting business as usual beginning Monday, May 4th.  Our hours will be normal 9-5, Mon.- Fri.  Of course, to keep everyone safe, there will be certain precautions in place such as limited amounts of people in office at any one time, constant sanitizing of tables and chairs, writing utensils, etc.  Also,...
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4 Hot-Car Tips For Parents – Even If You Think It Could Never Happen to You

  The best part of the Spring and Summer months - the sunshine and warm weather - can also be the worst part for some parents, should they make the fatal mistake of leaving their child in a hot car. Although many adults can't fathom making this kind of mistake, every year more and more tragic news stories are written about forgotten children, or those who locked themselves into a car while p...
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Know your policy: Hail season brings confusion for Colorado home, car owners

DENVER -- At Altitude Hail and Collision in north Denver, the constant ping of hammer hitting metal can be heard yearround. The shop fixes hail damage on more than 600 cars every year, a testament to the amount of damage done annually by Mother Nature. "We're taking work pretty consistently through the year," said owner Salem Heller. Heller says he works with his customers to file insuran...
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Instructor Wanted

Now Hiring
Driving Instructor / State Tester Wanted Description: Primary job duty is teaching inexperienced teens and adults how to drive a vehicle and to ensure the student understands state driving laws. Instructors must be able to explain how to react in all emergency and inclement weather situations. Instructors are responsible for scheduling drive lesson appointments and accurately complete all drivin...
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How Much Can I Afford to Spend on a Car?

As the weather begins to warm up, more and more people are heading out car shopping.  Whether you are a teen buying your first car, a parent buying another car, or buying a car for your teen, here are is an article with some helpful tips for your car buying experience.  We hope you enjoy!   Buying a new car can be exciting. It’s a major purchase, after all. But, to make sure the joy...
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How to Parallel Park and Other Parking Safety Tips

Many people might agree that they struggle with parallel parking, which means a vehicle is parked parallel to a traffic lane and between other cars. It takes some practice to get it right, so if you’ve never attempted to park this way, you may experience some anxiety when it’s the only available parking option at your destination. James Solomon, Director of Defensive Driving Program Development an...
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Why Driving on New Year’s Eve is Dangerous

As 2018 in coming to an end, many people are making their New Year’s Eve plans with family and friends. Although the 4th of July still tops the “Most Dangerous Driving Holidays” lists in America, New Year’s Eve and the early hours of New Year’s Day require extra caution as well. Drinking and driving is the most troubling factor in roadway accidents around the New Year’s holiday. Traditionally, ...
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