ATTENTION: The DMV requires that any applicant who does not possess a state-issued Colorado ID exam must present a pre-registration code for Written or Driving test. You will apply for this code at:

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Mile High Driver Training

Mile High Driver Training

We provide long-standing, top-notch driver education coupled with the flexibility necessary for today’s busy families.

We offer:

  • Programs that are all licensed and regulated by the State of Colorado and Motor Vehicle Business Group
  • Safe, experienced and caring instructors dedicated to professionalism and patience
  • Flexible course scheduling, including weeknight classes, Behind The Wheel weekday and weekend availability
  • Weekend classroom instruction for exam preparation
  • Many educational packages to meet your needs and age requirements, including comprehensive teen driver education bundles
  • “No Wait” written and Behind The Wheel testing
  • Colorado State Certified Instructional and BOST school


No appointment necessary – Walk-Ins Welcome!

Front Range locations: Lakewood  – Northglenn – Denver

CALL NOW at 303-922-1000