Drivers Ed Requirements

Justice with Jessica: The rules of the road teen drivers have to follow

teen driver
DENVER — With students returning to the classroom across Colorado, that means drivers will experience a lot more traffic than they have in the summer months, as well as some young drivers commuting to school for the first time. Denver Public Schools begins on Aug. 22, and several districts have already started back up. For many students, it will also be their first time regularly hitting the ro...
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Driving Lessons Denver

At Mile High Driver Training, we offer driving lessons for the Denver area. Driving lessons are a path that a prospective driver can undergo in order to be a legal and knowledgeable automobile operator. Our driving school services can help many people from different backgrounds and history. Take a look at the types of lessons and tests we offer for our students. State Written Test and State D...
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What’s New in 2017? A Peek at the Newest Colorado Written Driving Test Resources

If 2017 is the year you are finally old enough to begin thinking about taking the Colorado Written Driving test, take a note from the Boy Scouts and be prepared! The potential to find a world of driving information is literally at your fingertips. Searching for Colorado written driving test resources on your own?! Aint nobody got time fo’ that! Now, more than ever, time is of the essence. Don’...
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Drivers Education Requirements in Colorado

The moment when parents hand the keys to the family car over to their children can be one filled with anxiety, stress and fear. After all, wasn’t it just a few years ago when you were changing their diapers, and now they’re driving? Unfortunately, the fear surrounding teens getting behind the wheel isn’t purely sentimental. According to the social awareness website, 16-year-olds ha...
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